There are several benefits of becoming a member of the Durham Dental Society:

  • STAY CURRENT – Discover the most recent products, practice management tools and sign up for “Core“ continuing education courses. Take advantage of the opportunity to interact with colleagues, attend meetings or get involved on Executive or General Council, the highest policy-setting body of the organization.
  • PRACTICE MANAGEMENT INFORMATION – Advance your practice with the most up-to-date information and resources on dental procedures, technologies, research and legislation delivered to you as soon as you need it. Our guides, brochures and bulletins will help you stay informed about the most current topics and issues.
  • REPUTATION MANAGEMENT – Manage your reputation and the reputation of dentistry as a profession. Our informative CDs, DVDs, ads, brochures and helpful public education campaigns, along with our strong media contacts, help each of our members become leaders in oral health care.
  • ADVOCACY – Ensure that your patients receive the highest standard of oral care as we lobby for the best and most proactive procedures and practices. Protect your best interests and let us assist with dentist-patient mediation and help reconcile any claims disputes with dental plan administrators.
  • PROMOTE DENTISTRY – Access an abundance of articles, practice information and marketing materials that highlight the relationship between oral health and overall health. We will also provide suggested fee guidelines that are updated annually and targeted toward general and specialty practices.